Our Story

'We trust in the high-quality of D'ablo Sportswear, and so do our customers. Word-of-mouth from our happy customers without all the sales hype is the driving force behind our company's continued growth.'


We are Jib and Tyson Powers the founders of D'ablo Sportswear.



Our standards of quality and customer-care are what make us stand out from the competition.

All of our made-to-order apparel starts with high-quality fabric.

You get only the best performance fabrics that offer a high range of motion and have moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool.

Our fabrics are the same high-quality fabrics well-known sport-brands use. The difference?  When you order from us, we offer you low minimum order quantities because we know you don't always need hundreds of golf-shirts at once.

If you need to create a logo for your golf-apparel, we have you covered. Our sublimation machine means we can help you create your own unique design!

When you work with us, you work directly with us. We don't have a sales rep that separates us from you, the customer. This means you can trust us to design the custom golf apparel you require, without anything getting lost in translation. No middleman also means you get your deliveries faster and at a price that doesn't break the bank.


The Story Behind D’ablo Sportswear


Our Motivation:

We were playing golf in Bangkok, Thailand, when our local golf league provided us with complimentary golf shirts. We were unsettled by the low-quality fabric and lack of durability they offered. They certainly were not shirts that we ever wore again.

We looked into ordering high-quality golf shirts, only to find ridiculously high minimum order quantities (200-300 pieces).  It was not convenient for most golf leagues to order such a high volume of shirts.


Our Action Plan:

We started researching performance/quick dry/functional fabric and before long, found high-quality fabric manufacturers.

We decided we would purchase the high-quality fabric and hire a sewing facility to make the golf shirts.


The problem:


Quality control was a significant issue as well as high minimum quantity orders. They preferred to work with high volume quantity, so my goal of 30-50-piece minimum orders was not working out.


The solution:

We went a different route and decided against using a sewing facility. I instead rented a small space to work from, purchased three sewing machines, and hired a few sewing ladies.


Setting out and Achieving our goals:

Slowly we created a customer base, beginning with friends and acquaintances at golf courses. Because we decided not to do paid marketing, word-of-mouth became our cornerstone.

Our Customers:

Most of our customers are golf-leagues and golf-course pro shops, but we also make corporate polo shirts!  You can find more information about who we serve here.


Our Factory:

Our factory is located in Bangkok, Thailand. Though it is small, it contains everything we need to make your high-quality golf apparel. From sewing machines to our sublimation machine, and an embroidery machine. We keep our factory running smoothly and efficiently.


We would love to provide you with your own high-quality, made-to-order golf apparel.


To find out precisely what we can do for you, send us an email  and let's start a great relationship!